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The Artificial Intelligence for your brand

Develop a chatbot with us: choose its personality and skills and build personalized relationships with your audience. Its irony is contagious: put it to the test and don't take it too seriously!

More than a human touch

Start a conversation right away, from the first few seconds you will feel like you are talking to a real person. Be careful though, like all people he can be fickle! Ask him anything and have fun discovering his character!

Create unique experiences

IntelligenceDose is the service that can process natural language to easily and quickly adapt to the needs of each type of person and create unique experiences built around each brand.

Personalize your bot

IntelligenceDose is the service that allows you to create customized solutions to achieve your goals: select the identity and the character of your AI chatbot to trigger new conversations with your audience and enhance your strategies.

Improve your customer experience

IntelligenceDose can handle thousands of conversations simultaneously, improving the customer experience and building personalized relationships with each customer.

Modernize the process

Automate the relationship between brands and people through a new and revolutionary digital experience. Build with us a chatbot able to reflect the voice of your brand, reworking the communication flows of your customers and adding a touch of personality.

Embed easily

Installing IntelligenceDose is easy and fast: a simple copy and paste will be enough to integrate it into your communication channels, without writing code.


Boost your sales

IntelligenceDose helps you streamline your entire sales flow, automating repetitive processes and creating new contact opportunities.


Engage and entertain your customers

Activate new connections through a personalized experience tailored to wow and engage your audience.


Get new clients

Incorporate our service into your marketing strategies to acquire new customers and promote your brand.

A push to innovation.

IntelligenceDose was born from the synergy between Userbot and CreationDose with the aim of integrating conversational AI to marketing activities, designing a new interactive and customizable communication system based on AI and innovative Userbot technology.


Userbot is not just a simple chatbot, but a conversational platform based on Artificial Intelligence that automates conversations between brands and people.


CreationDose is the MarTech company that creates value with the new generations thanks to its three essential elements: people, code and content

Scenarios and use cases.

IntelligenceDose will support your customers in their purchase by recommending recipes and suggesting how to use, pair and serve your product.

Test us.

IntelligenceDose can be used in any field or industry, from nonprofit to healthcare to luxury goods: discover the most suitable formula to tell your business story.